Friday, August 19, 2016

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There are different types of fabrics:

1. Silk fabrics
2. Polyester fabrics
3. Rayon fabrics
4. Satin
5. Designer
6. Jacquard
7. textile fabric
8. upholstrey fabric
9. sports fabric

and many more...

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Are your Velvet Fabrics Flame or fire retardent

Are your Velvet Fabric Flame or fire retardent ?

There are different kind of viscose fabrics manufactured. These are mainly for upholstery, or say curtains.

When there is any demand of these cotton viscose or pure viscose blended or other viscose fabrics, the most important thing to be considered is are these Flame retardent?

This is very important that whenever you have to buy any of these fabrics, for any use, one should ensure this issue. This is also in case of handmade carpets and rugs too.

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Monday, June 30, 2014

Recycled saree silk yarn and fabric manufactured in india

Recycled saree silk yarn 

Something which is really exciting and acceptable by the overseas clients.Waste sarees are recycled and yarn is made, and all these are handmade. This yarn is made of 2 kinds:

  1. Viscose or banana silk yarn  : By recycling the cuttings of sarees which are made in viscose
  2. 90% silk and 10 % other yarn : By recycling the cuttings of sarees which are made in silk
These yarns are very high in shinning and soft in feel.

recycled saree silk yarn
recycled saree silk yarn
When we say 90% silk  and 10% other yarn, this is normally viscose, or other yarn which comes during manufacturing process of silk saress. There are limitation in colours in 90% silk yarn and the availability is also low as against viscose/banana silk yarn which has many colours availability.

These yarns are being used in making hand-knotted carpets and rugs, and also in fabrics…The cutting of sarees are first sorted in different manner and then they are being processed to make the yarn, this yarn is hand-spun and thus gives special effect. 

Pictures of recycled saree silk yarn :

handspun saree silk yarn
handspun saree silk yarn
recycled saree 90% silk yarn

Pictures of recycled saree silk fabric ; With this yarn, which is mainly used in manufacturing of the carpets and rugs (details in our blog the fabric is also made which gives very different effect is mainly made by handloom. There are more patterns of fabrics in this kind, with width of 44" the length can go upto any extent.

recycled saree silk handloom fabric
recycled saree silk yarn fabric

recycled saree silk fabric
recycled saree silk fabric

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